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Silverlight Designer's Workshop

Silverlight Designer's Workshop

The instructor for this class is Margaret Meier de Cox  

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Cost:    Class Price of $1,800 per student. 



About the Instructor:

Margaret has served the business and government communities for more than 20 years, both on active duty (USAF), as a contractor, as an independent consultant, as a Web design instructor for Auburn University and now as an instructor with DUNN. 

Margaret has spent years teaching Adobe products and brings her compelling experience with those tools into our Silverlight class.  As a designer herself, she communicates very effectively with other designers attending this class.  She has been working the Expression Suite since the products were in beta and CTP.  Her combination of real world experience and training skills make this a phenomenal class for students.


About the Course:

No prior experience with Expression Design or Blend is necessary.   You also don't need to worry about having experience with XAML or WPF.  We do expect you have some Web design experience and understand the fundamentals of writing Javascript code.

We originally designed this course based on requirements from Microsoft and have delivered the training to a host of Microsoft clients and employees in multiple cities with rave reviews.

This course was created with designers as the target audience.  If you want to bring your pages to life with Silverlight or need to add Silverlight skills to your arsenal as an existing Flash developer, you'll love this class.


What You'll Need:

We use Virtual PC images on fast 7200 rpm USB powered external drives.    Students need to bring a notebook computer with at least 1.5 Gigs of RAM.  Setup is very easy, you simply plug the drive into an open USB 2.0 port, install VPC 2007 from the drive and then load the VPC image up and you are ready to go. 


Onsite Classes:

If you have 5 or more students that need training, it is usually more cost effective for us to bring the training to your location.  Onsite classes can be more easily tailored to your goals and can save you significantly compared to sending several students to a different city.   For more information, give us a call at 770 653-6364 and we can quickly get you a quote.





Silverlight Designer's Workshop - 3 days


bulletIntroducing Silverlight
bulletWhy Silverlight
bulletDesigning Your First Silverlight App
bulletCreating the User Experience
bulletAdding Interactivity
bulletDeploying the App
bulletThe Silverlight Architecture
bulletUnderstanding the Runtime
bulletSilverlight XAML
bulletDrawing with XAML
bulletLayout Model
bulletMouse Cursors
bulletClipping Regions
bulletAnimating with XAML
bulletSimple Animations
bulletKeyframe Animations
bulletUsing Media with XAML
bulletPlaying Video
bulletPlaying Audio
bulletDesigning for XAML
bulletThe Toolset Explained
bulletExpression Design
bulletExpression Blend
bulletExpression Video
bulletVisual Studio
bulletUsing Expression Design
bulletSimple Drawings
bulletComplex Scenarios
bulletUsing Expression Video
bulletTranscoding in Blend
bulletCreating Silverlight Wrappers for Video
bulletUsing Expression Blend
bulletThe Project Model
bulletWorking with Canvases
bulletUnderstanding the Property Panel
bulletAnimations in Blend
bulletUsing Visual Studio
bulletEditing XAML
bulletAdding Event Handlers
bulletThe Silverlight 1.0 Development Model
bulletHosting Silverlight
bulletAdding Silverlight to HTML
bulletWorking with the Silverlight Host
bulletAdding JavaScript
bulletEvent Model
bulletEvent Handling
bulletUnderstanding Bubbling, Tunneling and Direct Events
bulletWorking with Keyboard Events
bulletDebugging Silverlight
bulletHandling XAML Errors
bulletDebugging JavaScript
bulletThe Hosting Plug-in
bulletFinding XAML Elements
bulletUsing Full Screen Mode
bulletResizing XAML
bulletXAML Objects
bulletUnderstanding Properties
bulletManaging Events
bulletXAML Hierarchy
bulletNavigating Collections
bulletManaging Collection Elements
bulletDynamic XAML in Silverlight 1.0
bulletAdvanced Silverlight Functionality
bulletCustom Controls
bulletCreating Resuable Controls with Silverlight 1.0
bulletMixing XAML and HTML
bulletThe DOM and the Silverlight Object Model
bulletThe HTML DOM and JavaScript
bulletUsing Ink
bulletUsing the Ink Presenter
bulletUsing Mouse Events
bulletWorking with Strokes
bulletWorking with Full-Screen Mode
bulletFull-Screen Mode Explained
bulletWorking with Full-Screen Events
bulletResizing Silverlight for Full-Screen
bulletUsing the Silverlight Downloader
bulletDownloading Assets
bulletShowing Downloading Status
bulletStreaming Media with Silverlight
bulletUnderstanding Streaming vs. Loading Media
bulletVideo Scrubbing with Silverlight
bulletUsing Silverlight Streaming Service