Starting the blog over again

by markdunn 29. December 2011 23:50

After several years of using Graffiti CMS, I'm going to try another blog engine.  Graffiti was simple to use and free but had its share of problems.  The last straw was it randomly freezing when trying to login as an admin.  I'd stuck with the older Telligent version.  I'm a fan of "don't fix it if it ain't broke."  Well, it finally broke and rather than fix it or try the codeplex version out there now, I thought I'd give a spin. 

It was super easy to install and I'll dress it up a bit once I have some time.  I'm off to enjoy the holidays for right now.


About Mark Dunn

Mark has over 25 years of experience in the disciplines of software engineering, database administration, and project management. Software that Mark developed for the radio industry is still in use today. He was a lead developer on the team that created Tapscan, a well-known Arbritron ratings analysis package that has dominated that industry for many years.


Since 2003, Mark has been awarded MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional) status for his contributions to the Visual Studio .Net community and he serves as Microsoft's Regional Director covering the Southeast United States.  Mark also co-founded .Net Rocks, an Internet radio program for .Net developers recognized in over 80 countries and now hosted by Microsoft on the MSDN site.


Mark is also a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Application Developer, Solution Developer for .Net, and Database Administrator.

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