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JavaScript and jQuery - Part 1

Course Length: 3 days

Part 1 starts with 7 modules focused on the fundamentals of JavaScript that gets you off to a great start. This course works best programmers that are new to JavaScript. If you already have some experience, you will want to consider starting with Part 2 of this course. When you finish Part 1, you’ll have a solid set of JavaScript skills, especially the skills that help you get the most from jQuery.

Who Should Attend?
This course is for anyone who needs to know how to develop JavaScript and jQuery applications. Today, that includes just about all web developers who are in either of these groups:
  • Web designers who use HTML and CSS and would like to know how to build applications with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Server-side programmers who use languages like ASP, JSP, Python, or PHP and would like to add JavaScript and jQuery programming to their skillsets.Introduction to web development

Course Outline

Introduction to web development

Getting started with JavaScript

The essential JavaScript statements

How to work with JavaScript objects, functions, and events

How to test and debug a JavaScript application

How to script the DOM with JavaScript

How to work with links, images, and timers

Get off to a fast start with jQuery

How to use effects and animations

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