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JavaScript and jQuery - Part 2

Course Length: 3 days

Part 2 starts with the core jQuery skills that every web developer should know. The next modules focus on effects and animations, forms and data validation, jQuery plugins, and jQuery UI widgets. We move on to using Ajax and JSON so you can get data from a web server and add it to a web page without reloading the entire page.

Then, we will take your JavaScript skills to the next level of expertise. Here, you’ll learn how to use numbers, strings, to handle exceptions and use regular expressions... when and how to use browser objects, cookies, web storage, and arrays...and how to create and use your own objects. Then, you will learn expert level skills like how to use closures, the module pattern, and IIFEs as you create your own jQuery plugins.

What’s especially interesting about this course is that all of the examples show you how to use the JavaScript skills that you’re learning in conjunction with your jQuery skills. This is clearly the best way to learn the advanced JavaScript skills because that’s the way applications are coded in the real world.

Who Should Attend?
This course is for anyone who needs to know how to develop JavaScript and jQuery applications. Today, that includes just about all web developers who are in either of these groups:
  • Web designers who use HTML and CSS and would like to know how to build applications with JavaScript and jQuery
  • Server-side programmers who use languages like ASP, JSP, Python, or PHP and would like to add JavaScript and jQuery programming to their skillsets

Students should complete Part 1 or have equivalent experience.

Course Outline

How to work with forms and data validation

How to use jQuery plugins and jQuery UI widgets

How to use Ajax, JSON, and Flickr

How to work with numbers, strings, and dates

How to work with control structures, exceptions, and regular expressions

How to work with browser objects, cookies, and web storage

How to work with arrays

How to create and use your own objects

How to create and use closures, IIFEs, the module pattern, and plugins

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