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From Zero to Twitter Bootstrap

Course Length: 3 days


Developing websites that are responsive to different size devices is easy when you use the right tools. Twitter’s Bootstrap is the tool of choice these days. Not only is it free, but also has many free themes that allow you to modify the look and feel in a flash. Learning bootstrap is easy with the resources available on the web, however, having someone walk you through the basics step-by-step will greatly increase your learning. This course assumes you know little or nothing about bootstrap, but you want to learn how to create great looking websites that work on a desktop, tablet or smart phone. In this seminar you will see how to use the Bootstrap grid system, use helper classes, buttons, text, wells, glyphs, images, alerts, forms, panels and much more.

What You Will Learn

  • Why Use Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Bootstrap Components
  • Customizing Bootstrap

Who Should Attend

All web developers creating web applications today need to use responsive design techniques. Bootstrap provides responsive design techniques right out of the box. This course assumes you are familiar with HTML and CSS.

Course Outline

  • Module 1: Introduction to Bootstrap
  • Module 2: The Bootstrap Grid System
  • Module 3: Helper classes
  • Module 4: Text Boxes
  • Module 5: Check Boxes and Radio Buttons
  • Module 6: Wells
  • Module 7: Glyphs and Images
  • Module 8: Alerts
  • Module 9: Forms
  • Module 10: Panels
  • Module 11: Lists
  • Module 12: Tables
  • Module 13: Thumbnails
  • Module 14: Tooltips
  • Module 15: Popovers
  • Module 16: Tabs
  • Module 17: Accordions
  • Module 18: Carousel
  • Module 19: Modal
  • Module 20: Events
  • Module 21: Horizontal Navigation
  • Module 22: Vertical Navigation
  • Module 23: Build Your Own Useful Bootstrap Widgets
  • Module 24: Standard Business UI Pages

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