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Course Length: 3 days

This 5-module course shows you how to use Visual Studio to design, code, and test multi-page Web Forms applications that get database data and manage session state. During the 5 modules, you will see where HTML5/CSS3 and Bootstrap fit in. This is the essence of ASP.NET Web Forms programming, and prepares you for rapid progress in the sections that follow.

Module 2 covers the rest of the server and validation controls that are not covered in section 1, along with these areas: more about state management, how to build and format pages using master pages, more about using Bootstrap for responsive design, how to make a site easy for users to navigate, and how to use friendly URLs that improve search engine results. These are the features that you’ll use all the time.

Who Should Attend?
This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to use VB.NET 2015 to develop ASP.NET Web Forms applications:
  • It works if you’re new to Web programming
  • It works if you’re new to Microsoft’s .NET development environment
  • It works if you’re an experienced .NET developer who’s new to Web development
  • It works if you have programming experience with another language like Java, C++, or COBOL

Course Outline

An introduction to ASP.NET programming

How to develop a one-page web application

How to use HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap with ASP.NET

How to develop a multi-page web application

How to test and debug ASP.NET applications

How to use the standard server controls

How to use the validation controls

How to work with state, cookies, and URL encoding

How to work with master pages

How to work with Bootstrap in ASP.NET

How to work with friendly URLs and routing

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