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Course Length: 5 days or two 3 day classes


This course gets you started with PHP and MySQL as quickly as possible and then builds out your skills in a professional way. To present the whole array of PHP and MySQL skills in a manageable progression, this course is divided into four sections.

Section 1: Get started fast with PHP and MySQL
This section is designed to get you off to a fast start whether or not you have any programming experience. So module 2 presents a complete subset of PHP; module 3 shows you how to use a MySQL database; module 4 shows you how to develop database applications with PHP; module 5 shows how to structure the code in your applications by using the MVC pattern; and module 6 shows you how to test and debug your web applications.

This section uses a self-paced approach that lets experienced programmers move more quickly and beginners work at a pace that’s comfortable for absorbing all of the new information. Then, when you finish this section, you’ll understand how all the pieces of a web application fit together, and you’ll be ready for rapid progress in the sections that follow. Most important, you’ll actually be able to build database-driven web applications of your own!

Section 2: Master PHP programming
In this section, you’ll expand your PHP skills to include the professional skills you’ll need on the job every day. That means you’ll soon be coding applications that use arrays, functions, regular expressions, exception handling, libraries, your own objects…and more! The last application in this section illustrates an object-oriented approach to data validation that you can use as a model for data validation in your own applications.

Section 3: Master MySQL programming
In this section, you’ll expand your MySQL and PHP skills to include the skills you need for building full-fledged database-driven web applications. That includes:
  • How to design a database
  • How to use SQL DDL statements to create a database
  • How to use SQL DML statements to extract and update the data in a database
  • The advanced PHP skills that you need for developing database applications

Section 4: Advanced skills for building websites
The last section in this course rounds out your web development skills by showing you how to:
  • Secure a website
  • Send email and access other websites
  • Work with files, uploads, and images

These are the skills you need to ensure that your web applications come across as trustworthy, reliable, and fully professional to your visitors. Then, the last module in this section shows how to put all your skills together in an e-commerce website.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn how to build and maintain websites that use PHP and MySQL. If you have some programming experience, you’ll move through this course more easily. But because of its pace, this course also works for beginning programmers.

The only prerequisite for this course is that you have some elementary HTML and CSS skills. If you don’t have these skills or if you want to add to your skill set, we recommend you attend our HTML5 and CSS3 course.

Course Outline

Section 1 Get started fast with PHP and MySQL

Module 1 Introduction to web development with PHP

Module 2 How to code a PHP application

Module 3 Introduction to relational databases and MySQL

Module 4 How to use PHP with a MySQL database

Module 5 How to use the MVC pattern to organize your code

Module 6 How to test and debug a PHP application

Section 2 Master PHP programming

Module 7 How to work with form data

Module 8 How to code control statements

Module 9 How to work with strings and numbers

Module 10 How to work with dates

Module 11 How to create and use arrays

Module 12 How to work with cookies and sessions

Module 13 How to create and use functions

Module 14 How to create and use objects

Module 15 How to use regular expressions, handle exceptions, and validate data

Section 3 Master MySQL programming

Module 16 How to design a database

Module 17 How to use SQL to create a MySQL database

Module 18 How to use SQL to work with a MySQL database

Module 19 Professional PHP for working with MySQL

Module 20 A database-driven web site

Section 4 Master the advanced skills for building web sites

Module 21 How to create secure web sites

Module 22 How to send email and access other web sites

Module 23 How to work with files, uploads, and images

Module 24 An eCommerce web site

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